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20 Quick and Easy Hot Lunch Recipes

20 Quick and Easy Hot Lunch Recipes

Children who eat a nutritious lunch do better in school.  However, coming up with healthy lunch ideas that your children will actually eat is often its own special challenge that, more often than not, starts with "eew" and ends with lunches dumped in the bin. Both frustrating and expensive.  I know, I’ve got it in stereo.

Experts say that a balanced boxed lunch should contain foods from each of the five food groups -- Milk & Milk Products, Vegetables, Fruits, Grains and Meat & Beans. This variety gives children the nutrients they need to prevent a drop in blood sugar for several hours.

However, following this recommendation is not always quick and easy.  And you need, quick and easy.  I know.  We get it.  Stereo, remember….  So, after scouring the internet for the most awesome looking recipes we could find, and nixing the ones we couldn’t actually make, we put together is list to help you get started. 


Here are our top 20 recipe recommendations for lunches that your child will actually eat. 

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