Lava rocks and insulated liner keep your food warm for up to 5 hours.


Separate hot and cold compartments means Lava Lunch is ready for all your food needs.


At 3L of total space, Lava Lunch can accommodate a full school day of food and snacks.


Our 3mm neoprene shell is tough enough to handle the daily commute and keep your food secure.


We offer a full 1 year warranty. Any issues with your product and we will fix them or replace it.


Lava Lunch is made out of non-toxic and free of phthalates, lead, BPA, PVC & formaldehyde.

worlds best lunch tote - hot all day

Stays HOT up to 5 hours!   Pack what you never could before - grilled chicken & vegetables, leftover lasagna, veggie burgers, even burritos - all kept warm and delicious.  And yes, there's a cold compartment too - so don't forget the yogurt, cold drink, and a cookie - I mean, apple, too.

5 HOT reasons for HOT food

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hot fresh healthy lunch recipes
hot fresh healthy lunch recipes

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We are so thrilled with your product! One was purchased for my 13 year old son for school and one was purchased for my husband who drives truck locally. My son took a big fat juicy steak to school for lunch one day and had the entire cafeteria in an uproar! What fun!


I just purchased Lava Lunch! The first week of school has been a super success. My 10 year old is thrilled to finally have a hot lunch from home. We tried everything on the market Nothing ever kept the food hot. Lava Lunch is amazing! Thank you!!


Best.thing.EVER!!! We have EMPTY lunchboxes!!