Who We Are:


LavaLunch is a “momtrepreneur”-founded business that was born out of the concern for the health of her children and family. Our mission is to provide families and individuals with highly functional lunch totes that allow for the enjoyment of food as it was meant to be – hot and delicious. 

Our Why

Melissa, our founder, invented the first LavaLunch tote as a means of ensuring her oldest son was able to enjoy home cooked food on the go. This was an especially large priority for Melissa and her family, as her son’s allergies and food intolerances made eating out and school-provided lunches a non-feasible option. Melissa’s homecooked meals were the solution to keeping him healthy and happy, however, maintaining this diet while on-the-go presented quite a challenge. Traditional containers and bags were unable to keep the food that Melissa spent her time cooking both hot and tasty for her kids.

And thus, LavaLunch was born!

Melissa knew she wanted her children to enjoy the food she spent her time making as it was meant to be enjoyed – hot and delicious. She experimented with several different heat mediums until she found the perfect heat-retaining “Lava Rocks”. She coupled this with stylish and practical totes that fit the inserts and hot food perfectly, which became the first-ever LavaLunch Tote!

A breakthrough product for Melissa’s family, and now, for yours.

How it Works

LavaLunch is able to maintain a hot and healthy lunch throughout the day thanks to the efficient thermodynamics of the “Lava Rocks” inserts. These inserts contain a material designed to absorb heat right from your microwave – and store for use later. As the day goes on and the interior of the Lava Lunch tote begins to cool, the Lava Rocks slowly release heat into the tote. The proprietary tote insulation traps this heat and maintains the temperature of the food throughout the day. The difference is noticeable and can change the way you think about lunch. As always, LavaLunch is made of all natural, food-grade materials, is non-toxic, and can be re-used again and again. 

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