Who We Are:


Our mission is to provide families with highly functional lunch totes, that keep their foods hot and delicious.

Our Why

Lava Lunch’s founder is a momtrepreneur who wanted her children to have healthy and hearty meals when they were away from home. Due to restrictive diets, Lava Lunch’s founder was on a mission to provide her children with healthy and warm meals on the go. Home-cooked meals were the only feasible option for her children’s lunches but normal lunch totes didn’t sustain the delicious taste and warmth of home cooking.

Thus Lava Lunch was born, the perfect lunch tote to keep all home-cooked meals at the temperature they need to stay yummy. “Lava Rocks' ' which retain the perfect heat medium, coupled with fashionable and practical totes became the breakthrough product perfect for Lava Lunch’s founder’s family and now yours too.


How it Works

LavaLunch is able to maintain a hot and healthy lunch throughout the day thanks to the efficient thermodynamics of the “Lava Rocks” inserts. These inserts contain a material designed to absorb heat right from your microwave – and store for use later. As the day goes on and the interior of the Lava Lunch tote begins to cool, the Lava Rocks slowly release heat into the tote. The proprietary tote insulation traps this heat and maintains the temperature of the food throughout the day. The difference is noticeable and can change the way you think about lunch. As always, LavaLunch is made of all natural, food-grade materials, is non-toxic, and can be re-used again and again. 

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