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This is a busy mom and teacher lifesaver. I typically eat lunch in my classroom with my students, I don’t have time for going across a big building to a microwave. This keeps. My lunch warm for the full five hours promised. My daughter has also carried it to school and reports it kept her pizza warm until lunchtime. The packs aren’t overly hot when you microwave them- I comfortably picked it up out of the microwave with my hand. I was worried at first they wouldn’t keep my food warm, but it did the job. This lunchbox is well-insulated and really keeps heat in. This is a great option if you have a busy workday, take a lunch to school, or are traveling. I definitely will be using this on our next family road trip to avoid a fast food stop.

Spacious interior with two compartments makes it easy for those who meal prep, too. I follow a macro dieting plan and have a lot of containers for my lunches. This works great if you’re someone who meal preps and wants hot food.


I bought this because I am working a new job and like to keep my food warm for lunch. I heat it up before I leave for work and it is such an easy process that I absolutely love the product. The other nice part is that the lunchbox is very big so you will never have a problem fitting everything in and still having extra space. I would definitely recommend this product to someone who does not work somewhere with a microwave and who wants to keep their food warm throughout the work day!


The lunch works very well at keeping food hot for several hours. I purchased this item for my son, as his job keeps him on the road all day, and eating out every day get expensive. Some days it seems the bricks need to be heated a little longer than the instructions say, but this has not been a problem, once he figured out how long to heat them. It's mostly trial and error with your microwave. However, it does keep food warm for several hours. I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it.



My son is so happy my picky eater can have a hot lunch again as the schools removed the microwaves for COVID reasons. Stayed hot for at least 4 hours and the rock was still warm that night.



I bought this for my son's grilled cheese lunches. I had to increase the time from the recommended 2 minutes (1000 watt oven -- and we are heating one pack at a time for 2.5 minutes, flipping and shaking in 30-second intervals. Tedious, maybe. But it works and that is all that matters!)

We use the bottom compartment for his ice pack, drinks and cold/room temperature items; top for the sandwich and lava rocks (I place the sandwich in between the two lava a sandwich ;) First week we've owned it, works perfectly, couldn't be happier.


As an adult I often find myself throwing my lunch into a plastic grocery bag and calling it good. I work several different jobs and I am usually running back and forth between them and it can be difficult to keep track of where I will be on what day. Some days I have access to a microwave and other days I dont. I cant tell you how many times I've packed leftovers that needed to be warmed up and didnt have access to a microwave. I've tried warming my lunch by leaving it on the dashboard of my car and as hopeful as I try to be that doing so will really warm my food, its just not the same. Until recently, I havent been putting much thought into my workday meals in an effort to avoid the frustration of trying to keep straight when I will be near a microwave and when I am working outside. Lava Lunch Box has absolutely changed my outlook on lunch.

At first I was skeptical that any lunch box could really keep your food warm from the time you leave home until it's time to eat lunch at work and Lava Lunch Box blew me away. I usually eat a later lunch, and even after seven hours, my meal was still warm! The concept is so simple and so straight forward and the lunch box is tough and well built. Not only does it have a compartment for your hot food - there is also an area for you to keep cold items which is perfect for me. It is just the right size for me to take my lunch and a few snacks to munch on during the day. My coworkers have given me many compliments on the serious upgrade to my lunch box. I highly recommend the Lava Lunch Box because of the phenomenal job that this lunch box does at making lunch time special again. This lunch box is perfect anyone in any situation who would like to have hot lunch any day, at any time, regardless of the circumstances.

In addition to this being the best lunch box I have ever had the pleasure of using - I also received excellent customer service from the seller. The seller answered all of my questions promptly and really provided a buying experience that made me feel cared about and important as a customer. I would definitely buy from this seller again. Both the Lava Lunch Box and the seller have my honest recommendation. You will not regret this purchase!


Just as advertised. Comes with two lava rocks and simple microwaving instructions for them. No complaints and now i have a great simple way of taking my meals with me and not worrying about finding a microwave or eating cold food.


Keeps your food warm by lunchtime, not hot. It comes with two lava rocks, so no need to buy them separately. Overall, it's good. Probably the best-heated lunch sack there is.


Not sure what all of you are doing wrong but my son LOVES this lunch box and he said it keeps his lunch warm until it is time for him to eat. We normally send him with leftovers and heat it up before he leaves for school and then heat up the rocks and put them on each side of the stainless steel container I bought and it works perfectly. The main reason why I bought this lunch kit was my son had lost a lot of weight and when I went and looked at the calories in the school lunch most of them were between 2000 and 3000 per meal I had to look for something different and I knew he would not want to eat a sandwich every day. This has been a Godsend for us.


This is the second one we've purchased. My kids have a healthy, WARM lunch from home, every day at school. Love this item! (Or should I say "Lava this item!)


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